Croc Boots Review

posted Oct 30, 2016, 4:52 PM by Schere K   [ updated Nov 3, 2016, 3:56 AM ]
Croc Boots
*Crocs* OK, when I was a kid this word symbolized reptiles that you would rather not come in contact with on a trip to Orlando. However, the Croc company has completely revolutionized what we think of when we hear "Go put your sandals on kids!" Yep, you guessed it: Those rubbery little shoes that your grandmother would have NEVER approved of as a real "shoe". When I first came into contact with the Croc shoe about 10 years ago, I thought, "Aww, a cute little slipper for kiddy play." However, I quickly learned that this shoe is a work of genius! Now, every summer, I make sure that my 8 children have Croc sandals WAY before the really hot weather begins here on the east coast. In April this year, we loaded up our whole family and drove to Williamsburg, VA to the Croc outlet and geared everyone up with a fresh pair of Croc sandals (all different colors of course to keep the confusion down) and drove home ready to tackle the summer months. Ahh, it was so nice to enjoy the reduced sock usage and the increased flexibility for the children to revel in an "indoor/outdoor" experience (as my NZ Kiwi friend Maree calls it...check out her blog here if you have a second).

OK, so we had our Crocs for summer. Kids frolicked and rumbled all over the gardens, parks, pools and towns in those little sandals. As we are packing them up for the colder climates, I was on my next hunt to beat the frigid weather by getting my boot orders in play. Well, to my very glad surprise, Croc manufactures a boot! Whaaaa??? My hubby goes ahead and orders one pair so that we can give it a "what for" with one of our kids. Well, well,'s a great shoe! So far, my second son has romped and rolled through the creek and through the woods and been waterproof and comfortable. He doesn't want to take them off. Hubby found that the website suggestions for sizing was very accurate. It was a great fit. We went ahead and ordered several pairs for more children. We are waiting to see what they think of them when they arrive this week. So far so good, and I would have to say they are really cute and easy to wipe clean. Trademark Croc benefit!

These get a Schoolingmom thumbs up! Take a look at them here.

We just received the wee ones for my 18 month old today (after posting the above review a day ago). I do want to point out: the tall part of the boot is a bit snug on his little "cankles" (i.e.: calves + ankels). The foot part fits, but up the leg is a big snug. So, we had to be sure he was wearing socks...even just for the trying on. We are thinking that with continued wear that the leg portion will loosen up. But I wanted to point that out in case you have the same issue with the smaller sizes ;-).