Lift your head's not as bad as you think!

posted Oct 30, 2016, 5:17 PM by Schere K   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 5:30 AM ]
You ever take a quick break and browse online just to hopefully get a quick burst of "you can do it" from a friendly forum or Facebook subscription just to realize that they just don't understand? Or worse, just constant condemnation about what you are NOT doing (usually compared to what someone else IS doing)? Well, guess what? You are doing what YOU need to do in YOUR homeschool! Look - I could go on and on about what this Schoolingmom is doing in our homeschool (or NOT doing *gulp*!) but why would you care? If it is not going to edify or build you up, then it is hardly worth detailing. Home education is not a "one size fits all" schooling method. This is very centrally related to why we do this in the first place. We can see very clearly that the "one size fits all" method is not as successful as previously thought. Yes, it is nice to obtain ideas for different projects - internet is great for that. However, sometimes you really DON'T need more ideas! You just need a pat on the back, a glass of water and a "you've got this, mom...keep on". Well, that is what this post is for...that is what this page is all about. My humble words are just here for you to read so that you know that we ALL have hard days. It is not as peachy keen as it may look from someone's social media site. Yes, there are messes. Yes, there are checkboxes left on your wonderful schedule that you did not get to. Mine too! Yup, every day. However, if we shoot for the moon, we may miss...but we will hit the stars. So, way to go, homeschool mom, for even creating a list in the first place. I want you to LOOK at the list and LOOK at the things that you DID accomplish, ok? Don't focus on the things you didn't accomplish. If your children are prayed for, loved, fed, and warm, you have put the first things first. 

And if you ARE asking, and if I MAY suggest: reading the Bible to your children first thing in the morning would set your spirit aright with the Word of God and His principles for you. It can be as long or as short as you have time for. It can be with your children first, or alone first, and then with your children. In either case, it will align your hearts with Who made you and why you are doing what you are doing: teaching those little hearts in your home each and every day. So, when you feel down about what you think you are not accomplishing, my prayer is that your mind will instantly go to Who you are serving. If your service is acceptable to's acceptable.

Keep it up! We are working over here, and you over there. 
Many blessings to you in Christ, our Savior.