Hey!....Just chatting...

¡Hola! Yo soy Schere!
(Hi, I'm Schere!)
I am a Christian woman, devoted wife, and dedicated mother. We have home-educated our children from birth onward (17 years), and I must say that my husband and I have probably learned as much or MORE than our children have along the way :). I used to instruct Spanish classes to other homeschool students from various families until just this past spring, when it became too much for me to handle :-/. We are blessed with 8 wonderful children, all of whom require lots of hands on training and plenty of questions answered - because that is what kids SHOULD do: ask questions; and we, as parents, should be readily accessible. That is the beauty of mothering - we are always needed, our lives are never dull, and in the most menial of tasks with our children we are bringing Glory to our Creator. 
I find that the most difficult part of mothering is when we don't have time for what should have been put first, anyway. When that day comes, it is time for reassessment of one's thoughts...one's schedule...one's LIFE! So, as much as I enjoyed teaching other homeschoolers a few days a week in addition to my own, I had to tighten the reigns and reduce my output of energy to other activities; to better serve my home. The huge blessing was: ALL of the parents I served were HUGELY supportive and very gracious. For that, I cannot thank them enough. I have gotten such thoughtful emails and blessings in future endeavors. I was so blessed!

So, here on my website, you may find tidbits of Spanish language instruction along the way, but mostly you will just find tidbits of our lives as believers in Christ, and encouragement for moms doing the same work as I do along the way. We are schooling moms...always teaching...always learning.

¡Mucho gusto!
(Nice to meet you!)